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First or all?

2010-07-29 11:48:33 by yezdk

I wonder if it's only the first audio approval that takes a helluva time or it is like that always.
Hope soon to see my audio online, would really like to contribute to this great site!!


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2010-07-29 11:59:59

Yes, it's always like that. Well normally it doesn't take over two weeks but due to an increase of new uploaders the normal time has been extended to a month.

If nothing has happened by then, either contact a mod or ask in this thread (also read the latest pages if you do, a mod might have posted an announcement that would make your post useless): 56515


2010-07-29 16:43:45

Thanks for the comment, I'll look into it


2010-07-30 06:09:41

I did'nt find out if the wait time for a month is the same for users wha are already appoved. Any1 know?