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One Week

2010-07-18 17:37:54 by yezdk

Just a little status report concerning my audio upload. Now that one week passed by since my last post I think it's time to write a new one.
I've decided to wait uploading more of my tracks until the three I already uploaded is approved.
I wonder how this system works. If I upload three tracks do they get approved all at the same time (if I uploaded them the same day) and if there are time between the uploads, will they be approved at the same time or will the same amount of time be between the approves?

Anyways, when it comes, it comes.

Another thing I've been wondering about is the scouting thingy. Can anyone who are scout scout my art stuff or is it a mod thing too? I hope to be scouted soon :)

See ya out there and keep all the good work coming!


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